Saturday, July 3, 2010

Modesty - A Special Anniversary Post

Happy July 4 Weekend!

Hello to all our blogging friends. Things are good here for us. Staying very busy and trying to keep up/not lose connections to everyone. Phoebe is growing up beautifully and Folsom is one fine dog. They are great together and I enjoy them very much. July 4Th weekend 2007 was when I opened the original To Pleasure Sir blog that was killed by Blogger. Today I will celebrate the anniversary with a post of the hottest pics I have found recently. On a side note, I should be back around Labor Day. I have cleaned out a lot of porn from the computer to disk and then I have been gathering new images to use. Higher resolution and tighter standards for archiving, I think you will see a big difference when the blogs start up again. I hope so. Thanks all of you for reading and Best Wishes for safe and happy fun for you all. Special hugs for Ray, so sorry about JuJu. And a special 2 handed grope for my dear brother LeatherPigBoy.

Thank You!

I just realized that the counter was over the 1 Million mark thanks to all you horny perverts looking at my blog and rubbing your cocks!! Thanks for viewing! The blog will be back live sometime this year.