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Reader Pics - Brian

You may remember boy's favorite undies of all are the waistband bikinis, popular as UNICO and other brands. They are enhanced from string bikinis to offer more support. They really focus your goodies and allow pouching, plus they show off thighs so well and a glimpse of ass.

Here are some reader pics of Brian. What a hottie! Adorable, awesome nips, muscles, and a big bag of goodies.

Here is pic 2 of Brian. That is some mighty fine ass. boy would be on his knees worshipping him with both hands rubbing ass and assets. This is a great example of the voyeur benefits of this style of undies. Complete view of the thigh transition to buttock.

This pic is boy's favorite of the 3 and his favorite position. Exposing flesh and muscle for Sir to do with as He sees fit. "Yes Sir, Thank You Sir!" between every impact as the flesh becomes superheated. Straining on tiptoes, ass fully flexed.

Thanks so much Brian for sharing. All readers can contact boy by email at Thanks for reading!