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Please play this to help my friend win a bet!

Please click on this video to start it playing. A friend has a bet on how many hits it will get in 2 weeks and we need 900 hits by next week. It is very funny, but even if you don't watch just playing it will count as a hit.

Thanks a Million. I'll have to return a favor for you , so just name what you want me to do and I will be all yours. Thanks!!!!!

This video was made by my best friend and his sons. His nephew in his 20's was dating a crazy woman and she became pregnant so now he is stuck having to deal with her for the rest of his life. Poor guy. Crazy as in go off at him while he is at a friends funeral and made him to take a pic of the person in the casket to prove he wasn't cheating on her. Anyway that puts the song in context.

My friend made this, and I mean he wrote the song, drew the animation, played all the instruments to record the song, sang it, and built the video. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy.

Fuck You Google!

You fucking monkey ass licking bastards! How dare you make me give you my phone number to I can enter a fucking code from a text to sign into my own fucking account. That number doesn't tie to my account and there was nothing unusual on my activity. Fucking money grubbing bastard jerkwad dirty pus-filled cunt licking sons of bitches that fucked everything on the fucking street corner. You don't need my goddamn phone number so you can verify I am using the correct log in info for my fucking google account. Fuck You you privacy stealing-identity theft-know no boundaries-money grubbing-sad ballsack-piece of shit bastards!! Fuck You!

Covered Butts!

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